Spotlight: American Widow Project



When our team chose to focus our organization around orphan and widow care, I immediately thought of starving little orphans in Africa and older men or women as widows and widowers. I’m sure I’m not alone in those two stereotypes being the first things that come to mind but, wow, has being a part of this organization seriously changed my view.

While deciding a topic for this blog post, I honestly Google searched the word “widows.” Link after link popped up for different organizations, and it blew my mind how many support groups there were out there and how wrong my initial thought of widows was.

Despite all the fantastic ones, however, the organization we decided to focus on for this spotlight is the American Widow Project: “Built to house ideas, stories, and advice, we have compiled a multitude of resources to help with the lifetime struggles that come along with being a military widow,” as the purpose of their website.

The idea of military widows was one that never really crossed my mind.  It should have, but it never had. We so often hear about the great organization for the military called the Wounded Warrior Project, and I loved how this organization tied in with a similar name and a purpose of caring for those touched by military life. The men and women that lose their spouses that were brave enough to stand for our country should be taken care of, and that is exactly what this organization does.


American Widow Project amazed me in all it had to offer. Their webpage had stories from people that have lost their spouse, ways to get involved, events, and other facts and resources. Their events section is what really found a soft spot in my heart. “We do not hold seminars or have speakers; we have each other. The widows come together to enjoy life the way they did when their spouse was still alive.”

I’ve had family members in the military, and no, I never feared for their life.  I was not even born when they were serving, but it is amazing to know that if anything had happened, their families could be held in such an incredible community like this.

Their organization is out of Buda, Texas but that does not mean you can’t be a part of this group. Learn more by going online to and connect, shop, or find out how you can get involved!


In Christ,



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